Brand Factory Franchise Cost in India: Fees, Requirements, Apply Process

Franchising does not operate with the brand factory format. It operates under Shikor Biyani’s Future Lifestyle and Fashion Ltd. The corporation itself is directly in charge of all of its stores. The company hopes to dominate the bargain industry with over 300 affiliated brands giving 20–50% off 365 days a year.

Spaces are allocated to partnering and related brands under the seamless brand presence idea, which reimburses their sales within the store every two weeks after deducting the agreed-upon and verified margin. Only the firm or brand owns and sells these stocks, plus the brand factory format looks after the items by giving them access to material handling, retail space, invoicing, customers, security, packing, and other services.

Brand Factory

About Brand Factory

Future Group was the operator of the retail chain Brand Factory. There was a head office in Mumbai. As of December 2018, it had 100 outlets spread across 50 Indian cities since its September 2006 launch. It was the biggest discount retail chain in India, offering a vast selection of clothing brands in several categories for women, men, babies, cosmetics, accessories, shoes, sporting, and luggage.

The chain intended to increase its store count to 100 by 2018. In 2022, Reliance Industries purchased it. Brand Factory promises to transform value purchasing for Indian consumers by providing the top Indian and international brands at Competitive Prices.

Brand Factory assures its clientele that bargain shopping is all about an incredible “Buying Smart” experience—not about a rummage sale atmosphere, purchasing cheap, or having a second-class experience.

The idea behind Brand Factory is to raise the standard for “Brand + Bargain Shopping” experiences and expectations. Brand Factory focuses on offering clients the greatest selection of categories and brands at unbeatable rates in a setting appropriate for the brand. Brand Factory displays the brands in a sleek, air-conditioned space that ranges in size from 70,000 to 1,50,000 square feet.

The stores allow men’s and women’s clothing, baby gear, luggage, accessories, shoes, makeup, sportswear, home linens, and more. Numerous international and Indian fashion labels, such as Gini & Jony, Provogue, Allen Solly, Arrow, Wrangler, Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Louis Phillip, Dockers, and Levis, are housed in Brand Factory.

Why Pick Brand Factory for Franchise Opportunity

Save All brands are dealt with by Brand Factory, and their items are authentic. It is a multi-store that sells a wide variety of goods. They feature discounted cosmetics, home goods, clothing, shoes, luggage, electronics, and more. India’s top chain of fashion discount stores, Brand Factory, is a Future Group idea that offers customers a cutting-edge, low-cost shopping experience. Over 200 Indian and international brands are available at Brand Factory for 20%–70% off year-round.

Mumbai-based Future Group is an Indian corporation started by Kishore Biyani. Operating grocery chains Big Bazaar and Food Bazaar, lifestyle outlets Brand Factory, and integrated foods, Central, and FMCG manufacturing sectors, the company is well-known in the Indian retail and fashion sectors.

Fees and Requirements

This clothing business line needs 5000 – 8000 Sq. ft. shopping area. Their revenue sharing is flat 94 percent. The estimated investment is about Rs. 23 Lakhs – Rs. 34 Lakhs. Their franchise or setting up fee requires Rs. 3-4 Lakhs. The investment for infrastructure is estimated to be Rs. 20 Lakhs – Rs. 30 Lakhs. Their commission is estimated to be 94 percent, and royalty is estimated to be 6 percent.


  • Line of Business-Clothing
  • Unit / Shop Area-5000 – 8000 Sq. ft.
  • Commission% / Revenue Sharing-Flat 94%
  • Total Investment-Rs. 23 Lakhs – Rs. 34 Lakhs
  • ROI Timeframe-1 Year
  • Franchise Fee-Rs. 3-4 Lakhs
  • Infrastructure Investment-Rs. 20 Lakhs – Rs. 30 Lakhs
  • Franchisee Commission-Flat 94%
  • Brands Royalty-Flat 6%

Please note that the above-mentioned costs are estimated, and it is recommended that you check the official website for the exact costs.

Application Process

The application process involves contacting them through their contact or official website. The respective details are then discussed, which can include fees, terms and conditions, and commission. Then, the location is finalized, after which an agreement is signed. They might train for the store set-up process. Please visit the official site to know more.


Brand Factory is a well-known business. There are about 41 Brand Factory franchise locations spread over 20 Indian cities under the Future Group’s retail network. This is the biggest bargain store in India, offering cheap clothes franchises to Indian customers.

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