Bisleri Distributorship Cost in India: Fees, Requirements, Apply Process

Bisleri International, once called Parle Exports and Parle Bisleri, is a big company from India. Many people trust Bisleri water and it’s the most popular mineral water brand in India, owning 60% of the market. The company was started in the 1970s by Ramesh Chauhan. They sell bottled water and soft drinks. They have 122 plants, 13 of which they own, and a big network of 4,500 sellers and 5,000 trucks for delivery. So, if you want to become a Bisleri distributor in India, here are the steps you need to follow.


Products for Bisleri Distributorship

Bisleri has been making drinks for a long time and has a wide range of them. Before the company owned the Bisleri brand, it made a soft drink called Gold Spot that tasted like oranges. People liked it a lot.

Now, Bisleri makes different kinds of drinks. They started with Bisleri water in 2-liter and 1.2-liter packs. Then, they made Natural Mountain water from the Himalayas. Nowadays, they sell smaller packs of water, like 250 ml and 500 ml, called a “celebration pack.” People like to buy these packs during holidays.

In 2011, Bisleri started selling Bisleri Club Soda. They also sell Urzza energy drinks and four types of fizzy drinks: Spicy, Limonata, Fonzo, and Pina Colada.

Bisleri Distributorship Fees

When you start a business, it’s crucial to consider the fees. You need to figure out how much your inventory and other expenses will cost. The price of a Bisleri Distributorship varies depending on the location. It’s influenced by where you want to operate and where you currently are.

Prices are definitely higher in big cities compared to small towns. They also go up if you’re serving a larger area with more people. Typically, if you’re looking to start a Bisleri Distributorship business in India, you’ll need to invest between Rs 5 Lac and Rs 10 Lac.

Requirements for Bisleri Distributorship

First, you have to start your own mineral water factory. Then, you must get ISI approval. This is only possible if your factory has been running for one year (you can check online to confirm). Also, ensure that you have a laboratory within your facility.

Keep this thing in mind that becoming a Bisleri Mineral Water distributor might have different requirements and steps. It’s best to contact Bisleri directly for more info and help.

How to get Bisleri Distributorship

Apply Process for Bisleri Distributorship

If you want to become a Bisleri distributor, follow these steps:

Go to the official website:

Scroll down and fill out the contact form with your Name, Email ID, Mobile number, PIN code, city, and state.

Tick the box saying “I Agree To Terms and Conditions” and click submit.

Wait for the Bisleri team to contact you. They will touch you to discuss the extra option and provide you with all the facts you need about the software process.

If they approve your software, you should sign a contract with a distributor and pay the initial price. The price may also vary depending on which one you have to play.

After signing the agreement and paying the fee, Bisleri will help you set up your business and start selling their products.

How Bisleri Supports their Distributors

Bisleri supports its distributors in many ways:

  • Bisleri’s efficient sales team regularly visits and helps their partners.
  • Run programs to train and improve the skills of the sales team.
  • Set up the necessary IT infrastructure to adapt to changing needs.
  • Measure performance rigorously and provide feedback to enhance sales effectiveness. They focus on incentives and pay based on performance to motivate their sales team.
  • Dispatch products as per the distributor’s needs to minimize sales loss. They also have more distribution hubs to ensure better delivery.


That’s all you need to understand about a Bisleri distributor. Bisleri is an international brand loved by hundreds of thousands of people. They focus on high quality, conservation and ecology, which keeps them at the top of the bottled water industry. They are also great at new ideas. With 10 specific products to offer, there’s something for everyone. If you are involved, becoming a Bisleri distributor can be simply rewarding. Finally, we would suggest you do your own research before making a final decision, but don’t hesitate to take the opportunity!

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