Barbeque Nation Business Model: How does Barbeque Nation Make Money?

2006 Barbeque Nation began in India with Sajit Dhanani, the current MD’s brother. Sajid Dhanani, from “Sayaji” hotels, had an issue with cold appetizers in winter. To solve it, he tried a “live grill” at tables. This idea made Barbeque Nation. The first restaurant opened in Pali Hills, Mumbai.

Barbeque Nation, which began in Pali Hills, Mumbai, grew quickly by adding 18 branches. In the fiscal year 2017-2018, they opened 23 more stores, underlining the broad appeal of Sajid Dhanani’s live grill idea. This expansion demonstrated the concept’s popularity and showcased its success in meeting what customers were looking for in their dining experience.

Barbeque Nation

Barbeque Nation Company Details

Origin Country India
Established year 2006
CEO Rahul Agrawal
Headquarters Bangalore, Karnataka,India.
Founder Gonzalo Fernández De Oviedo y Valdés
Number Of Employees 5,000-10,000
Chairman Mr. T N Unni
Products Pioneered the concept of “over the table barbeque” live grills embedded in dining tables

Dining System Of Barbeque Nation:

Barbeque Nation serves tasty veg and non-veg starters, different main courses and yummy desserts. They’re known for fast service and a chill dining vibe. They throw food festivals with Indian, Fusion, and International dishes. Customers can enjoy drinks, desserts, and tasty North Indian kababs during these fun events.

Marketing and Promotional Activities:

Barbeque Nation advertises a lot, always launching different campaigns to show off what they offer. They use these strategies to promote their brand:

1. Influencer Marketing: Barbeque Nation teams up with Mister Tikku, a famous food blogger, to boost its Punjabi Food Festival campaign, “Jatt Set Go.” Using Mister Tikku’s social media influence, they effectively showcase the brand’s new dishes. This collaboration ensures that a broad audience becomes aware of the campaign and the tempting offerings it brings to the table.

2. Social Media Marketing: Barbeque Nation actively engages with customers on social media by organizing campaigns and contests. An example is their “Jatt Set Go” campaign, featuring the interactive “Ask Makkhan” initiative. This approach attracted a significant audience and strengthened the brand’s presence on social media, creating more interaction and interest among potential customers.

3. Video Promotion: Barbeque Nation taps into the power of videos on social media, understanding that it’s a great way to capture people’s interest. Take the “Makkhan Singh Makkhan Lagake Chala Gaya” campaign, where their videos quickly reached over 3 lakh views. This success highlights how effectively the brand uses videos to engage the audience and create interest in what it offers.

4. Diversified Menu: Barbeque Nation offers a value-packed “All you can Eat” menu and top-notch service. Their diverse menu suits families, friends, and colleagues, providing something for everyone. The thoughtful addition of a special menu for kids enhances the overall experience for families dining at Barbeque Nation.

5. Employees: Barbeque Nation values employees, considering them crucial to the business. They invest in training to ensure staff has the right skills. Prioritizing work-life balance, the brand provides programs and benefits for employee well-being. The organization goes further by organizing celebration events, boosting morale, encouraging goal achievement, and promoting employee retention. This commitment reflects Barbeque Nation’s dedication to fostering a positive and motivated work environment for its team.

6. Mobile App: Barbeque Nation’s BBQN app is handy for customers, offering an easy way to check the menu, reserve tables, and more. It lets users find nearby outlets, explore the menu, and discover new dishes. The app also shares details about Food Festivals, including discounts. Customers can use the app to book tables, ensuring a hassle-free dining experience without waiting in long queues. It adds convenience to the overall dining process at Barbeque Nation.

Wrapping Up:

Barbeque Nation is well-liked for its creative dining and diverse menu options. Their customer-centered approach involves smart marketing and social media efforts. They prioritize their employees and use technology, like the BBQN App, to improve the overall customer experience.

Barbeque Nation’s success is not just about tasty food; it’s also about making a friendly and inclusive place. They care about customers and employees, wanting everyone to feel welcome and happy. This approach adds to why Barbeque Nation is successful.