Adidas Franchise Cost in India: Fees, Requirements, Apply Process

The days when Indian citizens were always worried about their finances are long gone. The idea of a brand is becoming more and more popular in modern India, which allows businesses to expand into the rapidly expanding Indian market. The largest sportswear company in Europe, Adidas, must be mentioned in any discussion regarding top brands.


About Adidas

Adidas is one of the most well-known shoe and accessory brands in the world. Founded in 1924, Adidas AG is a global sports corporation based in Germany. Herzogenaurach, Bavaria serves as the company’s headquarters.

Adidas is a globally recognized company with 450 locations in 28 countries, renowned for its innovative products. Adidas produces and distributes over 400 million pairs of sneakers a year on average. The Adidas Group, with a wide range of products and tremendous market potential, is a global leader in the sports goods and apparel industry. Products from the Adidas Group are available in nearly every nation on the globe.

Why Pick Adidas for Franchise Opportunity-Minimum Earnings and Profitability 

To join the Indian market, Adidas established a 100 percent subsidiary in 1996. The product quickly gained popularity among Indian clients. One of the most obvious choices amongst the first to go among the top brands is the Adidas franchise.

Every year, Adidas works with different production partners all around the world to produce almost 900 million sporting and sports lifestyle products. The year 2018 saw the company generate €21.915 billion in sales. Just these numbers show how big and varied Adidas is as a business. They are presently offering franchises with increased market space to young entrepreneurs.

The business’s overall profit in India has improved over the past few years. No other international business that has recently operated in India has experienced such a significant growth. Adidas’s parent business provides substantial support to all its franchise partners. It goes without saying that only the Adidas brand name itself can draw in buyers.

Adidas Originals, Y-3, Adidas Sportswear, and Adidas Stella McCartney are a few of the well-known brands. The most well-liked product categories are slides, coats, running shoes, sneakers, tracksuits, and shoes.

A person may plan to receive their return on investment from an Adidas franchise dealership in two years. His timeline is entirely dependent on several factors, including sales and marketing. It also depends on the location and relationships of your showroom. You may anticipate a Return on Investment (ROI) of about 15% in the first few years. ROI, however, may increase based on volume of work and sales. The potential for profit is therefore endless.

Application Procedure

Applying for an Adidas franchise will need you to complete the online request form. Visit their official website at to find out more about their offerings.


Achieving an Adidas franchise typically costs between 30-50 lakhs of rupees. Included in this sum is the marketing expenditure required in that specific location to launch the franchise. The total cost comprises of the dealership deposit, the price of the showroom’s fittings, interior design elements like Adidas needs, and furniture requirements for the franchise location or showroom. The investors would receive a 15% ROI (Return on Investment) with a one-year repayment period, based on business estimates.

Financial Aid

You may be able to qualify for financial aid to buy an Adidas franchise, based on your individual circumstances and financial standing. But to find out the specifics of the same, you will need to get in contact with Adidas, ideally via, the company’s official website.

Space Requirements

Adidas usually advises establishing a franchise in a busy main area, a market area, or a retail mall because these locations can draw large numbers of people. As advised by Adidas, a minimum of 1000 to 1500 square feet is needed to open an Adidas franchise showroom.

The Adidas Dealership’s full address in India is as follows:

  • Address: Adidas India Marketing Ltd, Plot No-93 Institutional Area, Sector-32, Gurgaon
  • Landline phone No.: 0124 4569100
  • Fax No.: 0124-4569160
  • Email:


For nearly a century, Adidas has been a leader in the sports accessory and footwear industries. Because of the cult following and demand for their products among consumers of all ages, Adidas’ customers continue to be loyal to the brand even in the face of strong marketing from rival companies or the introduction of new ones. Adidas is a desirable investment because of its higher sales potential plus the brand’s repute.

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