Licious Business Model: How does Licious Make Money?

Licious changed how we get fresh meat and seafood online in a world that loves convenience. Chefs and home cooks alike rely on this platform. But how does Licious make money? Let’s uncover the secrets of their business model.

In the world of perishables, quality is key. Licious understands this well. They maintain top-notch quality by sourcing directly from farms and fishermen. Customers, valuing this premium quality, are willing to pay extra, forming a fundamental part of Licious’s revenue stream.


Company Name Licious
Headquarters Bengaluru, Karnataka
Founded Year 2015
Founders Abhay Hanjura and Vivek Gupta
Serves in E-commerce, Food & Beverage
Valuation Rs. 12,300 crores ($1.5 billion)
Revenue Rs. 706 crores ($7.06 billion)
Funding Rs. 48.99 crores ($489.9 million)

Licious Overview

Licious is an Indian food company. It delivers fresh meat and seafood online. Abhay Hanjura and Vivek Gupta started it in 2015 in Bengaluru because finding good-quality meat was hard. Traditional shops needed to be cleaner and more trustworthy.

Licious came to solve this problem. It’s the answer for people who want reliable and good-quality ingredients for cooking. Using technology and focusing on freshness, Licious is now a top choice for online food delivery in India.

1. Quality And Freshness

Licious is happy to provide the freshest meats and seafood. They get them directly from farms and fishermen. That means what you get is fresh. When it comes to your door, it’s super fresh. Licious is all about giving you the best quality ingredients for your cooking.

2. Wide Product Range

Licious has many options: chicken, mutton, seafood, and special things like quail and duck. They also have marinated and ready-to-cook choices. It’s like a single place for all your meal needs – simple and easy. Whether it’s everyday things or something unique, Licious has what you need for cooking.

3. Convenience

Licious makes ordering meat easy. Use their website or app with a few clicks. Your choices come to your door. Simple and convenient for getting good ingredients.

4. Sustainable Practices

Licious cares about the environment. They work with partners who do farming and fishing in ethical and sustainable ways. This means choosing partners who also want to take care of the world. It’s part of Licious’s effort to make sure they’re doing things well for the future.

5. Dynamic Pricing

Licious uses dynamic pricing, where prices may vary based on supply and demand. This strategy aids in optimizing profits and efficiently managing their supply chain.

6. Strong Brand Identity

Licious is known for its pink packaging and quality commitment. This builds loyalty and happy recommendations. The recognizable pink packaging and focus on top-quality products make Licious a trusted choice. People are happy to suggest it, creating a strong and reliable brand.

Licious Business Model

Licious works on a farm-to-folk model. They handle everything from getting raw materials to delivering to customers. It ensures quality and freshness. They make a profit margin of 30%-40%. This approach benefits both Licious and its customers by keeping things simple.

1. Sourcing And Quality Controls

Licious prioritizes sourcing high-quality, fresh meat and seafood. They build direct relationships with farmers, fishermen, and suppliers for the best products. By eliminating middlemen, they maintain control over sourcing, resulting in better quality and traceability.

2. Processing And Packaging

After getting raw materials, Licious checks and processes them in advanced facilities. Meats are cleaned, cut, and packaged with a focus on cleanliness and quality. This ensures good products reach customers, meeting consistent standards. Licious is committed to keeping things clean and top-quality at every step.

3. Subscription Service

Licious offers subscription plans, enabling customers to receive regular deliveries of their preferred meat cuts. This model ensures a consistent flow for Licious and provides customers with a convenient way to access fresh meat regularly.

4. Quality Assurance

Licious is all about making sure things are good quality. They have strict rules and put products in special pink packaging. This pink packaging shows they’re serious about giving you fresh, high-quality stuff. It’s not just a package; it’s a promise that when you choose Licious, you get the best. This commitment to quality is a big part of how Licious does things for its customers.


Licious focuses on convenience, quality, and a diverse product range. Licious turned its love for fresh, high-quality meat and seafood into a successful business by streamlining its supply chain, using technology, and building customer loyalty. Prioritizing these qualities disrupted the traditional market, making Licious a leader in online food delivery in India.