Top 10 Leading Semiconductor Companies in India

Consider how much you’ve used electronic gadgets in the past day – phones, home devices, even ATMs. Ever wondered what makes them work? It’s semiconductors. These tiny components are crucial for our tech-filled lives. Despite the pandemic causing supply issues, the global demand for semiconductors keeps growing. According to Statista, it’s projected to hit US$10.68 billion by 2027. India heavily depends on imports for semiconductors. Recently, over 20 companies showed interest in setting up production facilities there.

In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 leading semiconductor companies in India, giving you a detailed insight into this vital industry.

What is a Semiconductor?

Let’s first understand what semiconductors are before discussing the top semiconductor companies in India. Semiconductors are materials with special electrical properties used in computers and electronics. They’re usually solid and conduct electricity in some conditions but not others. This makes them perfect for controlling electrical currents in everyday devices.

Conductors carry electricity, insulators don’t, but semiconductors are in-between. Devices like diodes, integrated circuits (ICs), and transistors are all made from semiconductors. Their conductance changes with current, voltage, or light exposure.

Semiconductor properties are influenced by impurities, called dopants, added to them. These properties make semiconductors essential components in modern technology.

List of Top semiconductor companies in India

1.  ASM Technologies

ASM Technologies

ASM Technologies is a major provider of equipment and services for making semiconductors since 1992. It’s a publicly-traded Indian company, with operations worldwide in the USA, Singapore, UK, Canada, Mexico, and Japan. With more than 20 years of experience, ASM offers top-notch consulting and product development in Engineering Services and Product R&D. It runs successful Offshore Development & Support Centers in India and abroad, catering to its global customers.

2.  Broadcom Inc

Broadcom, a top semiconductor firm, has worked in India for 20+ years. It’s an American multinational making various semiconductor and infrastructure software items. Broadcom serves data centers, networks, software, broadband, wireless, storage, and industrial sectors. In 2023, 79% of its revenue came from semiconductors and 21% from infrastructure software.

3.  Vedanta Ltd

In the 1980s, D.P. Agarwal started Vedanta. He began Sterlite Industries (India) Limited in Mumbai and bought mining rights in different Indian states. His sons, Navin Agarwal and Anil Agarwal, now manage the company. They formed Volcan Investments in Nassau (Bahamas) in 1992 as their main holding company. D.P. Agarwal had a small aluminum business in Patna. Anil Agarwal came to Mumbai to expand it.

In September 2022, Vedanta partnered with Foxconn to invest ₹1.54 trillion (US$19 billion) in setting up semiconductor plants in Gujarat. The venture aims to start production within two years. The partnership stopped in 2023, but both companies still want to make semiconductor foundries in India.

4.  Micron Technology

Micron began as a small company designing semiconductors in 1978. Four people started it in a basement in Boise, Idaho. By 1980, they built their first plant to make these chips. A bit later, they introduced the world’s smallest 256K DRAM. In 1994, Micron got on the Fortune 500 list. It grew steadily and became a top company in the industry.

They did this by making new technology, working with others, and buying other companies around the world. Right from the beginning, Micron has been making big advancements in semiconductor technology for memory and storage. The Micron team’s curiosity and the cleverness of engineers, scientists, and innovators made all these achievements possible.

5.  MosChip Technologies

Established in 1999, MosChip Technologies is a publicly traded company in Hyderabad, India. It has over 1300 engineers in Silicon Valley-USA, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru. MosChip designs semiconductors for computing, networking, and consumer use for more than twenty years.

They’ve made millions of connectivity ICs, becoming a top choice for technology. MosChip prioritizes timely delivery and client support. They aim to provide exceptional services, aligning with client goals to offer an edge in their industry.

6.  NXP Semiconductors

NXP Semiconductors India actively operates in India and holds a significant position in the country’s market. It’s a Dutch company based in Eindhoven, Netherlands, specializing in semiconductor design and production. With headquarters in Eindhoven, it has a workforce of about 31,000 across 30 countries. In 2021, NXP generated $11.06 billion in revenue. The company conducts research in Bangalore and Noida, focusing on developing new products, software, and systems.

NXP offers technology solutions for automotive, industrial, IoT, mobile, and communication markets. It holds more than 9,500 patent families and manufactures chips for eGovernment applications like electronic passports, RFID tags, and transport systems worldwide.

7.   Samsung Semiconductors

Samsung Semiconductors India operates within the Samsung Research and Development center located in Bengaluru, Karnataka. It started as a branch of Samsung Electronics in 1974. Samsung is proud to be known as a top chip maker globally. They aim to inspire device makers with cutting-edge components derived from semiconductor expertise.

The goal is to enhance people’s lives worldwide with innovative solutions. Additionally, they collaborate with various Indian universities and research institutions to advance semiconductor research and development.

8.  Applied Materials

Applied Materials, Inc. is an American company. It provides tools, services, and software for making semiconductor chips used in electronics, like computers, phones, TVs, and solar products. It’s located in Bengaluru. Applied Materials also offers tools for making coatings for flexible electronics and packaging.

The people at Applied Materials discover and create products that are essential for the semiconductor industry. Their systems produce chips, which are like the brains of electronics they use daily. These technologies are the basic elements for future electronics, paving the way for a better future by enabling new possibilities.

9.  SPEL Semiconductor Ltd

SPEL Semiconductor Limited is India’s pioneer in Semiconductor IC Assembly & Test. Since 1988, it’s been listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange. SPEL started by serving the local market but swiftly expanded globally, now supplying major Integrated Device Manufacturers (IDMs) and Fabless Companies in the US and Asia. It’s the sole facility of its kind in India, offering Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly & Test Services (OSAT).

Trusted by top Semiconductor firms, SPEL is their strategic contract manufacturer. Its Packaging Technology supports various applications like Communications, Consumer Electronics, and Computing. SPEL remains steadfast in leading India’s OSAT market, catering to diverse global needs.

10.  Masamb

Masamb is a company in Noida that works with semiconductors. They started in 2007. They help semiconductor, EDA, and OEM companies with different services like RTL Design, Functional Verification, AMS Design, Physical Design, CAD Methodology, and Real Time Embedded / Firmware applications development. Their services include things like RTL Design, Functional Verification, Analog and Mixed Signal Design, Embedded Systems, and developing IP’s.


They all have lots of experience and are trusted in the industry. They’ve also been using their own ideas and many years of research to make better semiconductors. India is still getting better at making semiconductors, and the government’s new plan to make more of them is giving it a boost.

Since semiconductors are really important in electronics, India mostly buys them from Taiwan, China, Korea, and Vietnam. So, the companies making semiconductors are really important for India to be self-reliant.