Top 10 Leading Seed Companies in India

Seeds play a vital role in India’s farming. Numerous companies make and sell seeds for vegetables, flowers and fruits to farmers and those who like gardening. The seed industry is really worth billions of dollars and operates in many countries. In India, seed corporations are essential for generating exact seeds and tools to shield vegetation. IMARC Group predicts the market will hit US$ 12.7 Billion by 2028, growing at a rate of 12.43% from 2023 to 2028.

In this blog, we’ll get to know the top 10 leading seed companies in India.

1. JK Agri Genetics limited

JK Agri Genetics limited

JK Agri Genetics Limited is a well-known corporation in India that deals with farming substances. They produce, method, and promote pinnacle-first-class hybrid seeds for various plants like Bajra, Jowa, Rice, Cotton, Maize, and Vegetables. They also offer Plant Nutrients. With over 31 years of enjoyment, they intend to create seeds with better yield, drought resistance, and pest tolerance. They have facilities in numerous states and awareness of research to enhance hybrids. Their merchandise is sold below the emblem “JK Seeds” via a sturdy network of distributors nationwide.

2. Kalash Seed Private Limited

Kalash Seeds Pvt Ltd is a top seed organization in India. They study and market tropical greens. Currently, they are one of the pinnacle five agencies in India for vegetable seeds. These days commenced focusing on SAARC nations. Their sister corporation, Beej Sheetal, has been active in research for 30 years. Turnover is steadily growing due to the fact their research merchandise carry out nicely inside the marketplace. In the Indian Vegetable Seed market, Kalash leads in chili, pumpkin, beetroot, onion, broccoli, and muskmelon. Their task is to attain every vegetable-developing farmer internationally and serve dealers, stakeholders, and farmers with happiness and prosperity via offering Seeds for a Better Future.


Krishak Bharati Cooperative Limited (KRIBHCO) is a pinnacle Cooperative Society in India. It makes and sells fertilizers. It follows the Multi State Cooperative Societies (MSCS) Act, 2002. KRIBHCO sells merchandise like Urea, DAP, NPK, and others. It works with companions to promote these products in cooperatives and private shops. KRIBHCO additionally has its own stores known as KBSK’s. It believes in cooperation and uses generation to assist the usa higher.

4. Mangalam Seeds Limited

Mangalam Seeds Limited is a sustainable agriculture employer licensed with the aid of ISO due to the fact that 2011, provides agricultural merchandise to farmers nationally. The agency makes a speciality of producing exceptional seeds for forage plants. It excels in supplying hybrid seeds which might be resilient to disorder, pests, and drought, suitable for diverse climates. Using advanced generation, Mangalam Seeds develops advanced seeds and promotes new farming techniques to boost yield. The company prioritizes sustainable agriculture, aiming to shield the environment, public health, groups, and animal welfare via accountable farming practices.

5. Krishidhan Seeds Private Limited

Krishidhan started in 1996 and grew into a collection of organizations centered on pleasant seed enterprises. They do research, manufacturing, pleasant manipulation, processing, marketing, income, and farming aid. Their intention is to assist farmers prosper nationally and globally. Krishidhan’s fundamental office is in Indore, with a corporate office in Pune and a main base in Jalna, India’s seed capital. Their R&D is diagnosed by way of the Indian government. They are energetic in getting to know, generating, processing, packaging, and promoting splendid seeds like Cotton, Cereals, Pulses, Oil seeds, and Fodder Crop.

6. Advanta India Limited

Advanta Seeds belongs to the UPL institution. The employer boasts many years of studies on the usage of the ultra-modern plant breeding technology to make top-notch seeds. With over 60 years of experience in plant genetics, Advanta Seeds is a frontrunner in diverse areas for plants like grain sorghum, forages, corn, sunflower, canola, rice, and special types of vegetables.

7. Nirmal Seeds Limited

NSPL was created in 1988 with a group of farmers in Pachora, Maharashtra, India. They wanted to help farmers by means of studying seeds. They aimed to enhance plants for one-of-a-kind climates, making them robust towards pests and bad weather. NSPL specializes in boosting crop yield sustainably, particularly through breeding nutrient-rich plant life. They also paintings on making organic farming better with new natural merchandise. Their goal is to be India’s top seed enterprise, assisting farmers grow better vegetation.

8. Kaveri Seeds Company

Mr. G V Bhaskar Rao invested in Kaveri Seeds to assist India’s Green revolution in 1976. Today, it’s India’s biggest agriculture business enterprise, specializing in Hybrid Seeds for critical Indian crops. Their strong Research & Development, diagnosed by means of DSIR when you consider 2001, produces high-yield seeds. Farmers have agreed with them for thirty years. They continuously enhance products & strategies using technology, boosting farm productivity, and securing meals and vitamins for tens of millions.

9. Nuziveedu Seeds Pvt. Ltd

Earlier Nuziveedu Seeds Ltd became a part of the NSL Group. Now, it’s far from a hit Indian farming company. It sells seeds, particularly for crops like cotton, maize, rice, and greater. They work in 17 states and sell around 350 seed types to over 5.Five million farmers in India. The NSL Group started the seed enterprise in 1973, led by Sri Mandava Venkatramaiah, a farmer with a degree in agriculture. He focused on cotton seeds, aiming to help fellow cotton farmers with better hybrid seeds.

10. Rasi Seeds Private Limited

Rasi Seeds is a top Indian agriculture business enterprise. They concentrate on making excellent hybrid seeds. Their seeds have helped thousands and thousands of farmers over forty years. Every year, extra than 4 million farmers believe in products. They plant their seeds on over 6.Five million acres of land. Farmers’ consideration pushes us to use the quality tech for better plants. Ravi talks to farmers plenty to recognize what they need. Lastly, company uses superior technology to make seeds that paintings in distinct climates and face up to pests and illnesses.


So, we know that seeds play a vital position in converting rural India and boosting the local market. But, it’s essential to provide satisfactory seeds. These seed corporations in India make a contribution to many regions, like making farming higher and extra worthwhile. They also indirectly encourage investments in homes, land, and other homes. These agencies provide farmers top seeds, helping them develop greater vegetation and earn more money. Lastly, we suggest you do your own research before making a decision.