Top 10 Leading Defence Companies in India

India’s defence sector is experiencing rapid growth. Just a couple of years ago, things looked different. Until 2018, growth in the defence sector was slow. However, according to Statista, in the 2023 year, India’s defence manufacturing reached a record production value of 1,086 billion Indian rupees. Public sector units contributed significantly. The government fully supports the sector financially and is implementing certain policies. With increased defence spending, 2024 promises to be a prosperous year for these firms.

Keeping that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the top 10 leading defence companies in India:

1. Taneja Aerospace and Aviation Ltd

Taneja Aerospace and Aviation Ltd

Taneja Aerospace and Aviation Ltd (TAAL) is based in Bangalore, which is a central location for aviation software and engineering. One of its group components is Taal Tech India Private Limited, also known as TAAL-Technologies, a specialized company in engineering design and development solutions. Located in Bangalore, India, TAAL-Tech assists global corporations in creating successful products faster and within budget.

Their skilled engineers use contemporary CAD/CAM/CAE tools to provide innovative solutions across various industries like aerospace, defence, architecture, construction, plant engineering, industrial machinery, consumer electronics, energy, and transportation.

2. High Energy Batteries (India) Ltd

High Energy Batteries (India) Limited makes advanced batteries for military and commercial use. They serve the Army, Navy, Airforce, and satellite launches. They also provide batteries for vehicles and backup power. The company exports its products worldwide.

It has its own Research and Development Wing to create batteries for specialized needs like underwater propulsion and aerospace. Established in 1979, they produce Silver Oxide Zinc, Nickel Cadmium, and Silver Chloride Magnesium batteries. These power critical systems like guidance, communication, and emergency starting.

3. Sika Interplant Systems Ltd

SIKA is an Indian company that focuses on engineering. The company was founded in 1969 and is headquartered in Bangalore. It works in the Aerospace, Defence & Space (A&D), and Automotive fields. SIKA is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange. Its main businesses are: engineered projects & systems; interconnect solutions & electrical module integration; maintenance, repair & overhaul (MRO); and value-added distribution. SIKA is certified as AS 9100D.

It has a successful history of nearly twenty-five years in doing advanced engineering projects for A&D customers in India. Additionally, SIKA is a qualified Indian Offset Partner (IOP) licensed for defence production by the Government of India.

4. Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) is an Indian company in aerospace and defence. It is based in Bangalore. HAL started on 23 December 1940. It is one of the oldest and biggest aerospace and defence makers globally. HAL began making planes in 1942. It made Harlow PC-5, Curtiss P-36 Hawk, and Vultee A-31 Vengeance for the Indian Air Force.

HAL now has 11 research centers and 21 factories across India. The President of India picks HAL’s board through the Ministry of Defence. HAL makes fighter jets, helicopters, engines, avionics, software, and upgrades for Indian military planes. The HAL HF-24 Marut was India’s first homegrown fighter plane.

5. Data Patterns (India) Ltd

Data Patterns is a company that makes electronic solutions for defence and aerospace. They are known for their reliable products and ability to make anything in this field. They’ve been doing this for over twenty years. They have a factory where they make their products. They focus on making sure their products last a long time. Customers like them because they can finish big projects quickly and well.

6. Bharat Dynamics Ltd

Based in Hyderabad, Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL) started on July 16, 1970, under the Ministry of Defence, Government of India. It makes guided missile systems and related gear for the Indian Armed Forces. BDL works with DRDO and foreign OEMs to produce and supply various missiles and gear. It’s a key player in India’s Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme (IGMDP), recognized as the main production agency.

BDL now stands as one of the world’s leading industries in manufacturing and supplying guided missiles, underwater weapons, airborne products, and other defence equipment for India’s Armed Forces. It also provides Product Life Cycle Support and refurbishment for older missiles.

7. Paras Defence and Space Technologies Ltd

Paras offers various products and solutions for defence and space use. They focus on these sectors and have five main parts of their business: defence and space optics, defence electronics, heavy engineering, electromagnetic pulse protection solutions, and niche technologies. With over 40 years of growth in defence and space engineering, they work on technologies like rockets, missiles, space research, naval systems, armored vehicles, electronic warfare, and surveillance.

They have a modern manufacturing setup, a large workforce, and can provide complete solutions from design to setup. Their focus on technology development and research sets them apart in the Indian defence industry. They have a dedicated team working on future technologies and offering advanced solutions to customers. Delivering quality products on time at competitive prices is their strategy, making them a reliable partner.

8. ideaForge Technology Ltd

ideaForge leads the Indian defence drone market, with the most drones flying across India, made by ideaForge. Customers have flown over 400,000 missions. They ranked 5th globally for both civilian and military drones in December 2023. Their drones match top global standards. They design, build, and control drone production in-house, ensuring quality and reliability.

Their focus is on meeting customer needs and ensuring drones can fly autonomously without special skills. They were among the first in India to enter the drone market and pioneered VTOL drones in 2009.

9. Bharat Earth Movers Limited (BEML)

BEML Limited is a company based in Bangalore, India. It provides products, services, and support to various sectors like Defence & Aerospace, Mining & Construction, and Rail & Metro. Clients in India and worldwide benefit from its offerings. BEML is the second-largest maker of earth-moving equipment in Asia.

Its stock is listed on the National Stock Exchange of India with the symbol “BEML” and on the Bombay Stock Exchange with the code “500048”.

10. Cochin Shipyard Ltd

Cochin Shipyard started in 1972 as a government-owned company in India. Over 30 years, it became a leader in shipbuilding and repairs in India. This yard can construct and fix the biggest ships in the country. It can build ships up to 110,000 DWT and repair ships up to 125,000 DWT. It delivered India’s largest double hull Aframax tankers, each 95,000 DWT.

Cochin Shipyard has orders from Europe & the Middle East and will build India’s first indigenous Air Defence Ship. It also trains graduate engineers as marine engineers, with 100 trained annually.


So, we can see that defence companies are going up. Right now, they’re at their highest level ever. The government is spending more to help defence manufacturing grow. Because of this, these defence companies in India have made the most profit and sales growth over the past five years. They might keep getting better technology in the future. All the information suggests that defence companies in India could have a really good decade coming up. Thank you for reading!