Top 10 Leading B2B Companies in India

Business-to-business e-commerce, or B2B ecommerce, means selling things online between companies. This helps wholesalers, makers, distributors, and sellers do their buying better. With digital orders, things get done faster. Many kinds of businesses, like big companies, banks, hospitals, small businesses, and the government, are changing to digital ways. This helps B2B businesses grow in India. A report by PayPal says that B2B ecommerce between countries in India will grow by 28% each year from 2021 to 2026. It’s expected to be worth $54 billion.

In this blog, we’ll explore the top 10 leading B2B companies in India.

List of Top B2B companies in India

1. Amazon


Amazon India is a top B2B e-commerce company in India. It started in 2015 after getting approval to invest from foreign sources. Amazon India sells lots of things to businesses and people. They have books, electronics, beauty stuff, home and kitchen things, and more. They help business owners buy easily from many suppliers and get big discounts for buying a lot. Amazon India does well in selling directly to customers too. Businesses with a proper license can join their site. Right now, it’s open in Bangalore and Mangalore, but they plan to add more places later.

2. Reliance Industries

Reliance Industries

Reliance Industries is a big company that’s part of the B2B group. It’s involved in many industries like petroleum, petrochemicals, and textiles. The company does different things like energy, petrochemicals, natural gas, retail, telecommunications, mass media, and textiles. It’s one of the biggest companies in India and does a lot in the B2B area. Reliance Industries is important in the B2B market because it gives new ideas to other companies. The company doesn’t have much extra money and has a lot of debt.

3. IndiaMART


IndiaMART is the biggest online marketplace in India for businesses. It links buyers with suppliers. It holds 60% of the online B2B Classified space in India. This platform is for Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Large Enterprises, and individuals. Currently, they have 187 million buyers, 7.8 million suppliers, and offer 104 million products & services. The company started in 1999 with a mission to simplify business dealings. IndiaMART makes it easy for buyers to connect with sellers anytime, anywhere. It offers a wide range of products and suppliers.

4. Alibaba


Even though it’s in China, Alibaba has become huge in India’s B2B online selling. As of February 2024, it’s not an Indian giant, but it’s worth $189.78 Billion. Alibaba owns and runs many different companies worldwide. Their data says it’s the 63rd most valuable company globally by market value. Despite being from China, Alibaba has done very well in India’s B2B online market.

5. Ninjacart


Ninjacart is the biggest B2B Fresh Produce Supply Chain platform in India. It solves one of our country’s toughest supply chain problems using technology. Right now, they link farmers who grow vegetables and fruits directly with businesses. They help farmers get better prices and make sure there’s always demand for their produce. On the other side, they assist retailers in buying fresh vegetables at good prices straight from the farmers. Ninjacart achieves this efficiently, with lower costs, faster speed, and on a bigger scale, using an integrated supply chain powered by technology, data science, infrastructure, and logistics network.

6. Udaan


Founded in 2016, udaan is India’s biggest business-to-business online store. It aims to change how trade works in India using technology. Udaan sells various items like lifestyle products, electronics, and groceries. It helps small and medium businesses in India by solving their trade problems. Udaan uses technology to keep costs low and make trading easier. It’s a one-stop shop for all business needs. Udaan also provides tech tools for brands, retailers, and manufacturers in India. Its goal is to support small businesses with technology and financial help so they can compete in today’s digital world.

7. TradeIndia

TradeIndia is one of India’s biggest B2B e-commerce websites. It links buyers and sellers to make business smoother for everyone, including small, medium, and big companies. They bring together businesses worldwide on one platform to trade securely and efficiently. Using technology and innovation, TradeIndia aims to assist users in modernizing their businesses to stay competitive. They also offer complete digital marketing solutions to small and medium-sized businesses, helping them embrace technology.

8. ExportersIndia

Exporters India is India’s biggest B2B marketplace since 1997. It’s a directory connecting manufacturers, exporters, suppliers, and buyers. The platform boosts online trade opportunities and buyer inquiries, creating value for all involved. ensures trustworthy business dealings by linking genuine inquiries between buyers, suppliers, exporters, and importers from all backgrounds. Through Exporters India, countless manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, wholesalers, traders, and service providers gain exposure to potential buyers. It’s where global business entities come together to explore, engage, and benefit from trade opportunities.

9. Upscale


Yeshu Singh, Sandeep Singh, and Amit Mastud started Upscale. They got help from important investors like GSF Accelerator, Java Capital, and Powerhouse Ventures. Upscale helps with sales by using different ways to reach out, like texts, LinkedIn, and phone calls. Their system makes sales work easier, so sales teams can reach their goals easily.

10. LoadShare


Loadshare Networks is a modern B2B company that uses technology. They’re creating a logistics network for small businesses in logistics. They use their own technology to do this. Their technology helps transport goods for big clients in India. For city deliveries, it’s used for food, quick shopping, online shopping, and groceries. For deliveries between cities, it’s used for small and big loads, long journeys, and storing goods for big companies. They also make apps and platforms for people in the delivery business to go digital. They started in 2017 and got investments from big companies. Every day, their technology handles 500,000 shipments. LoadShare thinks there’s a big chance to grow, and they believe technology is key to that growth.


So, these “top 10 leading B2B companies in India” really help the country’s economy grow by adding a lot of money to it. The B2B market is likely to keep growing because it helps businesses connect with their customers better. It’s not just about what they sell, but also about improving how things get delivered and managed. New businesses are also finding lots of opportunities to grow. B2B companies get big improvements from new technologies. Overall, B2B companies keep using technology to make sure customers are happy even after they’ve made a purchase.