UCC Full Form in Share Market

What is the Full Form of UCC in the Share Market?

The UCC full form in the share market is Unique Client Code. This code is given to all the customers who are participating in the trading activities. This code helps to improve traceability in the stock market.

Creation of the new Unique Client Code:

The UCC will first be created and communicated to the customer when they open the new account in the trading market. They can also contact their stockbroker to create one or to replace the code that they have misplaced. The registered stock broker should communicate the UCC of the customer to place an order on the stock exchange. With the help of UCC, the exchange will be able to link the individual and the order number with the orders placed.

Structure of Unique Client Code:

The UCC is generally assigned to the client by the stock broker. Thus, the format and the structure of this ID will be decided by the stock broker. There are no restrictions or pre-defined UCC standards that the brokers follow, while creating this ID. Most of them make use of alphanumeric characters in the UCC code and the number of characters is also decided by them. The only consideration is that no two IDs should be similar, and each client should have a unique code.