PUC Full Form in Insurance

What is the Full Form of PUC in Insurance?

The PUC Full Form in Insurance is Pollution Under Control, which is a kind of thing that every car or bike owner has to have in India. It shows that your vehicle is friendly to the environment by following the rules set in the Motor Vehicles Act.

Pollution Under Control Certificate Summary:

The Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate has immense importance for every single vehicle driver in India. It is a sort of “gold star,” showing that your vehicle doesn’t do too much harm to the air. You get it from certain places that check whether the exhaust of your vehicle is not above a certain safe level.

Significance of the PUC Certificate:

Why would one need to have this certificate? Well, for one, it’s the law. If one wants to drive around on the roads of India, there simply isn’t a way without having one. It shows your vehicle isn’t puffing out too much pollution. By not having this certificate, a person can get fined, which nobody would like.

Insurance Implications:

To add further, you cannot hold valid vehicle insurance without a PUC certification. The IRDAI rules over insurance in India, and according to it, you have to get one. You will not even be able to renew your vehicle insurance without this. Always keep updated your PUC certificate, so that your vehicle is ever covered. And if you are ever stopped by the traffic police or for violating some rules on the roads, they will for sure check your PUC, and if you don’t have it on you, you’ll get a huge fine.