What is the full form of LWP in the Share Market?

The LWP full form in the Share Market is Last Week’s Price. LWP refers to the price at which a stock or security has been traded in the past week. It serves as a comparison point for the investors to compare the current price and the performance of the stock over the previous week.

Impact of the Last Week’s Price on the stock market

For investors LWP serves as a benchmark to determine the trend of the market. Before investing, every trader wishes to know the rate at which the stocks are trading currently. It renders a better insight into how the market is behaving and helps investors understand the buying and selling patterns. But it is not a wise idea to hurriedly invest in a trade merely based on its performance in the previous week.

Advantages of reviewing LWP for investors:

Investors can compare the LWP with moving averages to get a better insight into the stock. They can use LWP as a reference for identifying the potential entry and exit points in trade. It helps traders to identify the momentum in the stock, and they can gauge the performance of the stock over the previous week to make informed decisions.