KRA Full Form in The Share Market

What is the Full Form of KRA in the Share Market?

The KRA in the share market is the KYC Registration Agency. KRA has a comprehensive database of all the KYC information within the securities market. This database is regulated by the SEBI, ensuring its security and accuracy. KRA plays a major role in creating a transparent and trustworthy financial market.

Role of KRA in trading

Compliance with the norms of KRA has been mandatory for investing in the mutual funds market since the beginning of 2013. The primary function of KRA is to gather, store, and maintain all the KYC information of investors in the demat industry. It acts as an intermediary between market intermediaries such as brokers, mutual funds, depository participants and investors, and facilitates the sharing of KYC data.

How to apply for a fresh KRA form?

If the trader is not KYC compliant, then they have to acquire a fresh KRA Form. It can be downloaded online and demands additional documents to complete the procedure. The documents required are self self-attested copy of a PAN card, Self self-attested copy of address proof, and a colored passport-size photograph. Traders cannot submit their KRA form alone; they have to submit it with their existing mutual fund investments only.