IOC Full Form in Share Market

What is the Full Form of IOC in The Share Market?

The IOC Full Form in Share Market is Immediate or Cancel order. Suppose, if you want to buy or sell stocks, but you want the activity to be done at that very moment, and if not, then do not at all, then this is the time an order of IOC comes to help. If your entire order can’t be filled right away, any part of it that’s left hanging gets dropped. The latter is different from those “all or nothing” or “fill or kill” orders, according to which either everything goes, or nothing does.

How Does an IOC Order Work?

This is how an order IOC rolls out: an attempt to execute your command to either buy or sell right away, either at the rate that the market is quoting or a rate that you have selected. Essentially, if the whole order can’t get done in one shot, it cancels whatever’s left. This is very useful for traders who do not like to move fast and leave their orders partially filled around.

Benefits of Using IOC Orders

Another good point of IOC orders happens when the market is jumpy all over the place. They let you trade quickly, which can save you time and maybe even money. Great for really big trades when you want to jump in or out without making too much of a splash in the market price. Plus, it gives a real possibility that you could get a part of your order soon.