EOS Full Form in Share Market

What is the Full Form of EOS in the Share Market?

The EOS Full Form in the Share Market is End of Session. Some trade exchanges have morning and evening trading sessions with a small break in between. Order placed under the EOS category will remain active for the trading session, for the specific trading hours only. It would be automatically cancelled if not completed by the end of the trading hours.

Significance of End of Session in Share Trading:

The end of the session in the share market is a crucial trading indicator that signifies the closure of the trading activities for the day. EOS affects how the securities are priced and also renders a snapshot of the daily performance of the market. EOS also influences the strategic decisions that investors take. It is mandatory to understand the dynamics around the end of the trading session and to follow effective trading and investment strategies.

Strategic considerations for EOS:

EOS is a significant tool that investors use for their own strategic advantage. For instance, the day traders will often close their positions by the end of the session to avoid overnight risks due to market changes. Some investors may place orders that are executed only at the end of the trading day, thus helping them to take advantage of the closing trade’s price. It also helps investors to review their portfolios and plan strategies for the next trading day.