EOD Full Form in Share Market

What is the Full Form of EOD in the Share Market?

The EOD full form in the share market is End of the Day Order. It signifies the buy or sell order for all the securities that are generally kept open only until the end of the day. The end-of-day order is the default execution time frame for most of the orders. If the EOD order is not filled by the end of the trading session, then the order will be canceled.

How do EOD orders work?

Investors generally will have two-time frames to choose from in order to execute a trade order. EOD orders follow a specific time frame within which the order should be fulfilled. On the other hand, Good till canceled orders will remain open until the investor cancels them.

Advantages of an EOD order

End-of-day orders are advantageous for the buyer, as they do not have to follow the progress of the order after the closing time of the trading day. If the EOD orders are not completed for any reason, then they have to be re-entered once again. Thus, they are considered to be less risky for the investor. Also, it frees up the investor to place their bet on other trades.