What is the full form of DRF in the Share Market?

The DRF full form in the share market is the Dematerialization request form. It is an important trading document that traders can use to request the conversion of their physical securities, such as bonds and share certificates, in electronic format. All pertinent information, including the investor’s name, unique identification number, security details, the quantity of securities awaiting dematerialization, etc., will be included in this form.

Types of DRF:

In the transmission cum dematerialization DRF, in the event the holder dies, the remaining holders may use this form to dematerialize the securities and have the name of the deceased removed from the physical certificate. The second type namely the transposition cum dematerialization DRF can be filed if the names of the investors on the share certificate and Demat account are the same.

Significance of DRF certificate:

Investors indicate their intention to hold their shares digitally by submitting the DRF, which has several advantages, such as improved security, ease of trading, and convenience. After submission of the DRF, it would be verified by the registrar and he would generate the Demat request number. This has to be saved for all future references and for making complaints.