ATP Full Form in Share Market

What is the Full Form of ATP in The Share Market?

The ATP Full Form in Share Market is Average Traded Price. This is the middle price for the shares of one company for some time, it’s not just a simple average where you add up prices and divide by the total number. ATP in the share market gives us a deeper look and more useful information.

Understanding ATP in the Share Market

ATP is a very important indicator in order to understand what is happening in the stock market, which reveals the average price of the stocks when the trader gets to know how many shares and at which price the shares are being traded. In terms of the needs of the investors, the average can be calculated on a daily, weekly, monthly, and even quarterly basis. This helps them to see at what price generally the people buy the stock and sell the stock, which is key in deciding what stocks should be bought or sold.

How to Calculate ATP

To find the ATP, you will look at the price of each share multiplied by how many of its share is traded and then, divide this by the total number of shares traded in that time. This way of calculating takes into account how many trades were made, giving a clearer picture of what the stock is really worth in the market. ATP is one of the most important weapons that investors do possess. It tells directions to the market and amounts of share volume.