AGR Full Form in Share Market

What is the Full Form of AGR in the Share Market?

The AGR Full Form in the Share Market is Adjusted Gross Revenue. It is an important financial metric that is used to calculate the total revenue the company generates after certain adjustments are made. It is a common indicator in certain industries, such as telecommunications, gaming, etc, and is used to determine the taxable income of the industry.

Applications of AGR:

In the telecommunications industry, regulatory bodies like TRAI base their license fees and spectrum charges on the AGR of their telecom partners. In the gaming industry, AGR represents the gross revenue generated from gaming activities minus the payouts made to the players. This figure is used to determine the taxes and the regulatory fees. AGR is also used in other sectors that demand the isolation of specific revenue components for tax and other regulatory purposes.

Importance of AGR:

AGR is a key metric that is used to determine the amount of regulatory fees and tax that the company owes. It ensures that the companies are charged fees and are taxed based on the fair representation of their earnings. It also offers a clear picture of the financial health of the company. AGR also helps regulatory authorities to ensure compliance with the financial regulations and standards that are specific to their industry.