Top 10 Biggest Private Companies in India

Many financial experts say that private companies are the actual backbone of any nation around the globe, and that fact right there is pretty hard to deny. And that’s the same case with India because there are dozens of private companies having literally trillions of rupees to their name, which are working day and night to fuel India’s overall economy. If that’s what you are fascinated about at the moment, you’d definitely love our today’s post then, That’s because here we are about to get down to a list of the top 10 biggest private companies in India as of 2024. So yeah, let’s not drag this intro thing any further and get to the actual stuff, shall we?

1. Reliance Industries

Reliance Industries

  • Market Cap: 19.06 trillion INR

First up, we’re talking about Reliance Industries, and boy, are they leading the pack or what? With a whopping market value of 19.06 trillion INR in 2024 alone, they’re THE biggest private companies in the country right now. Kicked off in 1958 by the visionary Dhirubhai Ambani, Reliance has spread its wings far and wide, covering everything from oil to threads, stores to signals, and whatnot? And ever heard of Jio? That’s their brainchild, flipping the script on internet access across India, making it super cheap and widespread. Even a hiccup like the Saudi Aramco deal getting paused didn’t slow them down, with heavyweights like Google and Meta lining up to chip in.

2. TATA Consultancy Services

Tata-Consultancy-Services TCS

  • Market Cap: 14.10 trillion INR

Since the talk is about the biggest and top private companies, it is pretty much certain that you are bound to see a company’s name from the TATA Group, right? So yeah, here it is, TATA Consultancy Services, or TCS for short with a literal HUGE market cap of 14.10 trillion INR. Now, almost all of you may already know about the whole history chapter of this company because it is one of the most famous companies in the country, so we won’t get into that. But yeah, one thing is for sure, a company like TCS deserves to be on this list, no matter what. And maybe, just maybe, in the next few years or so, it can surpass Reliance Industries to become THE private company of the nation.

3. HDFC Bank


  • Market Cap: 10.92 trillion INR

Rounding out the top three, HDFC Bank is holding strong with a market cap of 10.92 trillion INR. As the titan of private banking in India since its start in 1994, it’s the go-to for millions needing top-notch banking services, not just in city parts though, but this bank is literally present in every corner of the country. This bank’s rise from newbie to leader is all thanks to its focus on customers and tech-savvy solutions, you know?

4. ICICI Bank


  • Market Cap: 7.86 trillion INR

So, here we’ve got ICICI Bank, right? This giant’s sitting on a mountain of money, with a market cap hitting a whopping 7.86 trillion INR. Now, think of ICICI as one of those big shots in the banking world in India, offering all sorts of money-related help whether you’re just a person looking to save some cash or a big company handling tons of transactions. Since popping up on the scene in 1994, ICICI has been all about shaking things up with cool banking tech like internet and mobile banking, and all those digital ways to pay and get paid. Led by their CEO, Sandeep Bakhshi, they’ve steered through some pretty tight spots, including shaking up the top ranks, but have come out even stronger, focusing on playing fair and keeping their financial game strong no matter what.

5. Bharti Airtel


  • Market Cap: 7.75 trillion INR

And then, there’s Bharti Airtel, strutting around with a market cap of 7.75 trillion INR. Airtel isn’t just big in India; it’s a heavyweight in the global telecom scene, with its network stretching across 18 countries in Asia and Africa. Since Sunil Bharti Mittal kicked things off in 1995, Airtel’s been all about transforming how we talk, text, and surf the web, offering everything from mobile and broadband to DTH services. Their journey from a local player to a global telecom powerhouse is a classic tale of innovation and top-notch service.

6. Infosys


  • Market Cap: 5.90 trillion INR

Next up, we’ve got Infosys, a beast in the tech consulting and digital services arena, boasting a market cap of 5.90 trillion INR. Started by N.R. Narayana Murthy and his engineer friends back in 1981, Infosys company has been a key player in pushing India onto the global tech stage. They’re all about whipping up next-level digital solutions for clients sprawled across 46 countries, making them the go-to for companies trying to get ahead in the digital world. They even landed a massive $1.5 billion deal with the energy giant bp, showing they’re the top player in handling big digital makeovers.

7. Hindustan Unilever (HUL)

Hindustan Unilever

  • Market Cap: 5.54 trillion INR

Now, if you are someone who lives in India reading this post, you likely have used dozens, or should we say “hundreds” of HUL products in your lifetime. Yes, Hindustan Unilever is by far one of the biggest FMCG companies in the country, and when you look at the brands they own, you’ll pretty much be dazzled. Cleanic Plus, Dove, Closeup, Bru, Horlicks, Kissan, Lux, Lakme, Lipton, LifeBuoy, and dozens of others are the brands under HUL. Hard to believe, right? Like, you have been using these brands’ products literally every single day, and now you find out that these all brands are somehow related. Well, at least HUL is offering the quality, and that’s what matters, right?

8. ITC


  • Market Cap: 5.41 trillion INR

ITC is again one such name that needs no introduction at all. And you might already be familiar with the story that this company has, you know, started out as Imperial Tobacco Company and then became a totally different thing within just a century. Right now though, this company is involved in a lot of things, whether it is your morning tea, business, notebooks, or even luxury hotels. At that point, it is pretty understandable, but now, this company is also jumping into cutting-edge tech solutions too, so no wonder why they have about 5.41 trillion INR of market cap.

9. Larsen & Toubro (L&T)


  • Market Cap: 4.50 trillion INR

Moving on to Larsen & Toubro, or as we like to call it, L&T, boasting a gigantic market cap of 4.50 trillion INR. Just picture it: a titan marching through fields of tech, engineering, and construction, with its roots spread across over 30 countries. Born from the dreams of two Danish engineers in 1938, L&T has been instrumental in crafting the modern Indian skyline and laying down the veins of our infrastructure. From powering up the nation to fortifying its defenses, they’re getting in everything, upping a notch the innovation thing, you know? At the wheel? CEO S.N. Subrahmanyan, who’s painting a vision of a digital and eco-friendly India, sketching a future that’s as smart as it is green. Now, that’s a vision every Indian would beam with pride over, wouldn’t you agree?

10. Tata Motors


  • Market Cap: 3.84 trillion INR

Last but definitely not least, we’ve got Tata Motors, flexing with a market cap of 3.84 trillion INR. A jewel in the crown of the legendary Tata family, these folks are a heavyweight in the global automotive arena, rolling out everything from zippy cars and sturdy buses to hefty trucks and even defense vehicles. Their kingdom? It stretches from the everyday roads to the luxury lanes of Jaguar Land Rover. And their mission? Oh, it’s all about innovation, with a keen eye on the EV prize, yeah, since electric vehicles are the future, and Tata Motors is all geared up for this electrifying ride.


That’s all for now. See, the first few companies on this list have literally cemented their spot, and they’re not going anywhere. However, you might see some changes in the second half of the post, but worry not, we’ll keep you posted with the latest rankings.