Top 10 Biggest Government Companies in India

A company where the government of a nation or state has more than 51% ownership automatically becomes a government company because you know, now the government has a say in the operations of that particular company. And right here in India, there are dozens of such companies, but some are so big that they even leave some big private companies behind in this race. You might be familiar with some names like SBI and LIC, but what other government companies are there that hold the title of BIG government companies in the country? Well, that’s exactly what we are about to find out today. So yeah, let’s get down to this post where we will talk just about the top 10 biggest government companies in India as of 2024. Alright, here we go now.

1. State Bank of India (SBI)


  • Market Cap: 7.36 trillion INR
  • Founded on: 1 July 1955
  • Headquarters: Mumbai
  • Number of employees: 2,35,858 (2023)

First off, hitting the spotlight is the State Bank of India, or SBI to keep it short. This place isn’t just any bank; it’s pretty much the best and one of the oldest banks in the country. Picture this: it all started way back in the 1800s, like 1806, with the Bank of Calcutta. Fast forward a bit, and bam, it morphs into the State Bank of India in 1955, thanks to some serious moves by the government. Now, with a whopping market cap of 7.36 trillion INR, SBI’s everywhere like helping folks with everything from their first savings account to big business deals, and even helping Indians living abroad. It’s like the bank that’s seen it all and done it all, standing tall in India’s money world.

2. Life Insurance Corporation (LIC)


  • Market Cap: 6.19 trillion INR
  • Founded: 1 September 1956
  • Headquarters: Mumbai
  • Number of employees: 98,463 (2023)

Next up, we’ve got the Life Insurance Corporation, or LIC for short. Imagine gathering over 245 insurance companies and provident societies under one roof in 1956, and that’s pretty much LIC for you, the big boss of insurance in India. With a market cap that’s through the roof, like 6.59 trillion INR, they’ve got everything covered: life insurance, saving up for a rainy day with mutual funds, and making sure you’ve got a comfy chair when you’re old and grey. Plus, they’ve got agents all over the place, making sure even the folks in the farthest corners of India can get in on the action.

3. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC)

  • Market Cap: 3.56 trillion INR
  • Founded: 14 August 1956
  • Headquarters: New Delhi
  • Number of employees: 25,993 (2023)

And then, there’s ONGC, standing tall as India’s top player in digging up and dishing out oil and gas since 1956. With a cool market cap of 3.48 trillion INR, they’re not just about getting oil out of the ground; they’re into the whole shebang – finding it, getting it up and out, making it ready for use, and even delivering gas that cooks your food and powers cars. They’ve got their hands in every pie, from the deserts to the deep blue sea, all to keep India’s energy tank full and buzzing, you know?

4. National Thermal Power Corporation Limited (NTPC)

  • Market Cap: 3.52 trillion INR
  • Founded: 1975
  • Headquarters: New Delhi
  • Number of employees: 15,159 (2023)

So, here’s the deal with NTPC: it’s not just any company, it’s the giant of India’s power scene, boasting a market cap of 3.35 trillion INR. Born back in 1975, NTPC has grown to become the top player in India’s power supply, and guess what? It’s not just sticking to the old-school thermal power. Nope, it’s spreading its wings into hydro, nuclear, and even renewable energy. Pretty cool, right? This move is all about NTPC’s big bet on a green and sustainable future, keeping the lights on for India’s booming needs. From factories to your home lamp, NTPC’s got it all covered.

5. Coal India Limited (CIL)

  • Market Cap: 2.79 trillion INR
  • Founded: November 1975
  • Headquarters: Kolkata
  • Number of employees: 2,39,210 (2023)

Now, onto Coal India Limited. If you thought NTPC was a behemoth, CIL is not far behind, holding the crown as the world’s largest coal miner since its start in 1975. With a hefty market cap of 2.75 trillion INR, CIL is the backbone of India’s coal supply, quite literally, churning out about 82% of the country’s coal. Why’s that a big deal? Because this coal is the heartthrob of India’s energy, powering up everything from big industry machines to the thermal power plants.

6. Power Grid Corporation of India Limited

  • Market Cap: 2.81 trillion INR
  • Founded: 23 October 1989
  • Headquarters: India
  • Number of employees: 8,342 (2023)

And then, there’s the Power Grid Corporation, the behind the scene player which many of you might not know about. Founded in the lively year of 1989, this powerhouse has been weaving an intricate web of electricity across this vast country. As one of those elite Maharatna companies, Power Grid is all about making sure your lights stay on, your TV keeps running, and your phone doesn’t die out on you. How? By building and managing an epic network that’s like the highways of power, stretching across thousands of kilometers. And yeah, they’re not just about the old ways though, they’re hooking up renewable energy to the grid, making smart moves with the latest tech like smart grids, and even setting up spots for your future electric car to power up, you know?

7. Indian Oil Corporation

  • Market Cap: 2.39 trillion INR
  • Founded: 30 June 1959
  • Headquarters: New Delhi
  • Number of employees: 31,095 (2023)

Now, when we talk big, Indian Oil Corporation (yeah, the IOC) is like the king of the oil and gas scene in India. Imagine this: they started way back in 1959 and now they’re all over the place with their oil magic. They’ve got their fingers in a lot of pies like from refining oil to getting it across the country and even selling it at those fuel stations you see around every corner. And guess what? They’re not just about the old-school oil game though. They’re thinking of future stuff, like biofuels and catching some rays with solar energy.

8. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

  • Market Cap: 2.63 trillion INR
  • Founded: 23 December 1940
  • Headquarters: India
  • Number of employees: 23,450 (2023)

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, or HAL as you might call it, is the star player in India’s aerospace and defense industry. These folks have been around since 1940, can you believe that? They’re the ones making all the high-flying stuff like aircraft, jet engines, and helicopters. Not just for India, but they’ve got clients all over the globe. HAL is all about pushing the envelope in aerospace tech and helping India strut its stuff on the world’s aerospace stage. They’re a big deal for the country, not just for defense but also taking a leap into commercial flying.

9. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd

  • Market Cap: 1.32 trillion INR
  • Founded: 1952
  • Headquarters: Mumbai
  • Number of employees: 8,713 (2023)

Now, since the talk is about the biggest government companies in the country, how can we or anyone even forget about Bharat Petroleum Corporation? This one is literally the company that has been fulfilling the petroleum needs of the country, ever since it was first established way back in 1955. If you have ever filled your bike or car’s fuel tank, chances are, you have already used this company’s product because, in India, they’re literally everywhere. So no wonder why the market capitalization of BPCL is more than 1.43 trillion Indian rupees as of 2024.

10. Bank of Baroda

  • Market Cap: 1.46 trillion INR
  • Founded: 20 July 1908
  • Headquarters: Alkapuri, Vadodara
  • Number of employees: 78,122 (2023)

Last on the list, but no less impressive at all, is none other than one of the oldest banks of India which is still going strong in the nation. Now yeah, it could be the case that many of you did not know whether it was a government bank or not, but now you know, right? So, it is pretty understandable that your trust in this bank has increased, as with millions of people in the country who have the same faith. And without a doubt, Bank Of Baroda is proving them right with the top-notch banking services, especially for people living in the rural areas of the country where just a few other banks offer banking services.


There you have it. Now, we don’t know for what purpose you were looking forward to this particular information about the biggest government companies in the country, but we hope our today’s post has helped you out in some way. Alright, we’ll meet you in the next one.